‘My God Is the Ultimate Healer’: Georgia Pastor ‘So Close to Death’ Survives Coronavirus, Credits Faith

'My God Is the Ultimate Healer': Georgia Pastor 'So Close to Death' Survives Coronavirus, Credits Faith

A pastor from the Atlanta, Georgia area has survived a lengthy bout with coronavirus and credits his faith in God for the recovery.

Pastor Robert Burt, who heads up Danielsville Baptist Church, is thankful to be alive after fighting the deadly virus for several weeks. His wife, Joy, says things didn’t look so promising at times. “He was so close to death, just unbelievably close to death,” she said. “But I refused to believe that because I know my God is the ultimate healer and that he was going to heal Robert.”

Pastor Burt doesn’t have health insurance, so a GoFundMe was started to help with the medical bills. It has exceeded the $2,000 goal. The family thanked everyone who prayed and donated. “God bless you all and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

No one at his church ended up getting the virus, which was a major relief to Burt.

On March 19th, Burt was rushed to the hospital. He credits Jesus with his recovery. “I do know that without Jesus Christ healing and touching my body and giving me what I needed that I wouldn’t have survived,” Burt said, according to Main Street News .

Confused and disoriented, the pastor spent weeks in the hospital before fully realizing where he was and what was happening. Incredibly, doctors told him he was in such poor condition that he only had a slim 1% chance of surviving.

Obviously, as Georgia finds itself in the center of national news after the governor moved towards re-opening parts of the state, the pastor is among those who are taking the virus seriously.

“We need to look at it as a very serious virus,” Burt said. “I pray every day right now that people who have this thing don’t lose their life.”


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