Bucking BLM’s attempts at indoctrination on campuses

Bucking BLM's attempts at indoctrination on campuses

indoctrination (human brain)A traditional values organization believes Black Lives Matter is seeking to influence students within the school systems in order to turn them into mouthpieces for the movement.

MassResistance vows to stand against the BLM agenda. An example is a demonstration in El Segundo, California, where MassResistance volunteers showed up for a counter-demonstration at a high school.

Arthur Schaper, a spokesman of the organization, spoke on the matter to OneNewsNow, stating that BLM was attempting to “recruit and indoctrinate high school students to embrace their agenda.”

He says his group believes BLM to be a “heavily Marxist, anti-American, anti-family organization that has a sickening record of violence against police and others who disagree with them” – adding “[it’s] heavily intertwined with the radical LGBT movement.”

There were confrontations at the demonstration on issues regarding indoctrination – and in response, the BLM leadership tried to block the protesters from being seen and scare them off. However, MassResistance stood firm.

“We refused to be bullied. We refused to allow our First Amendment rights to be trampled upon; and best of all the El Segundo Police Department backed us up 100%,” Schaper informs. “[They] did not allow them to block our view in our interactions with members of the rally.”

San Diego is the next scheduled stop for a counter-demonstration against Black Lives Matters’ agenda. MassResistance chapters in several states are following the example set in El Segundo and are planning for similar events.

Charlie Butts 2020-08-03 17:08:35

Article Source – onenewsnow.com

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